Nicole van Gans, psychologist & coach

Psychologist Hilversum - Nicole van Gans

The feature of the psychological help that I can offer you as Psychologist NIP in Hilversum is that I teach you how to balance your emotions in a relatively short time.

I specialised in very effective and efficient techniques. If you apply these techniques during several weeks in a careful and structured way, you will attain lasting results. Of course you can reapply these techniques yourself when you need them in the future.

Among others I work with the newest programs of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which had the best results in scientific research for specific psychological complaints. More and more researches prove that Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy had the best results for a great number of complaints. Besides these therapies, I specialised in Positive Psychology, Ecopsychology and Energypsychology.

You can contact me with the following complaints: When you are looking for a psychologist in Hilversum of 't Gooi (location near Bussum, Naarden, Huizen, Laren, Blaricum, Baarn, Eemnes, Kortenhoef of 's Graveland), you are most welcome to contact me.I speak Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.Consultations are also possible via telephone and Zoom. My consultations are remunerated by most health insurances when you have an additional insurance (aanvullende verzekering). The costs are 95 Euro for 45 minutes. Telephone: 035-7725756 email: